Student Teaching

This is the culminating field experience

Student teaching is the culminating field experience in the teacher education curriculum. Each student teacher is engaged in full-time teaching responsibilities for a fifteen week period under the guidance of a certified, experienced mentor teacher and a full-time university supervisor. Student teaching opportunities are provided at a variety of locations depending on the specific certification program. Detailed information about each teacher certification program's student teaching experience can be found at the links below.

Application Process

Note applications to student teach in the fall semester are due by September 30th of the previous fall semester (e.g. September 30, 2014 to student teach in Fall 2015).  Applications to student teach in the spring semester are due by January 31st of the previous spring semester (e.g. January 31, 2015 to student teach in Spring 2016).

Next Steps After the Application Process

Student Teaching Handbook (pdf)



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