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For Alumni & Friends
Alumni and friends in classroom and participating in cyclethon

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Alumni & Friends

For Alumni & Friends

Welcome Alumni & Friends!

alumni-and-friends.jpgAs an education student, you were part of a family of students, faculty and staff. Now, as a graduate of the College of Education, you are one of more than 40,000 alumni—an extended family that reaches beyond your student years.

Alumni who graduated from the College of Education become members of the College of Education Alumni Society automatically by joining the Penn State Alumni Association. The goals for the College of Education Alumni Society are to stimulate the continued interest of all graduates and former students, to act as an informal advisory board to the Dean, and to provide a means whereby alumni may join together for the improvement of the College and the University. Learn more and complete a PSAA membership application at the Penn State Alumni Association Web site.

Your kind and generous support is instrumental in continuing the College of Education’s tradition of excellence and in striving to maintain and improve our status as one of the nation’s elite education schools.

The College has experienced phenomenal growth in its endowment thanks to the generosity of alumni and friends over the past several years. There are many giving options for supporting the Penn State College of Education’s students, faculty and programs. Please consider Investing in People as a way to give back to Penn State.

Check out the Web site and send us your updates and comments. We love to hear from you.


If you have moved or changed jobs recently, please take a moment to update the Penn State Alumni Directory:  
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