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Educational Theory and Policy

Educational Theory and Policy

Home page for the Educational Theory and Policy program in the Penn State College of Education.

Educational Theory & Policy


The Educational Theory and Policy Program has a dual mission:
DanaMitra_58.jpg1.  One mission is to provide service to the undergraduate teacher preparation programs.
2.  The second, a graduate degree mission, is to offer interdisciplinary preparation for the analysis of the interrelationships between schools and other social institutions (e.g., the family, the state, the economic system) in the context of the equally important relation between education and culture. The goals of such analyses are to understand the nature and context of ideas, and of educational processes, and to understand and evaluate policies. From this inclusive perspective, existing educational systems, formal and non-formal, both in the United States and abroad, are analyzed respecting the adequacy of their goals, functions, and consequences.

Our graduates hold positions as. . .

  • Scholars in major universities

  • Researchers at policy or research centers

  • Or similar positions in state, national, or international agencies, ministries, and institutes of education

Ranked #11 by US News & World Report

Program Overview

Journal Editorships

American Journal of Education

Gerald LeTendre , Editor

David Baker, Senior Associate Editor