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Madhu Prakash

Education and professional background information on Madhu Prakash.

Madhu Suri Prakash

Professor of Education

Educational Theory & Policy
300 Rackley Building
University Park, PA 16802-3203
Phone: 814-863-3769
Fax: 814-865-1480

Areas of Expertise

  • Philosophy of Education
  • Moral Education and Ethics
  • Ecological Literacy
  • Ecofeminism

Publications (Full CV available here)

Coauthored two books: Grassroots Postmodernism: Remaking The Soil Of Cultures [ London: Zed Books, 1998] and Escaping Education: Living As Learning Within Grassroots Cultures [ New York, Peter Lang, 1998]

Professional Experience & Activities

  • Guest coeditor of a special issue of "Encounters" on Gandhi
  • Guest coeditor of a special issue of "Educational Theory" on Ecology
  • Co-founder, Ivan Illich Special Interest Group, American Education Research Association

Honors & Awards

Recipient of the Eisenhower Award for distinguished teaching

Editorial/Review Board

YES! Magazine Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions


  • Ph.D in Philosophy of Education from Syracuse University
  • MBA and Master in Philosophy from Delhi University, India
  • B.A. from the University of Delhi, Delhi India