Institute for the Study of Adult Literacy

RZM_0020.JPGThe Institute for the Study of Adult Literacy at Penn State's mission is to advance the field of literacy through collaborative research, development, outreach, and leadership to improve practice, expanding access to high quality education and enriching the lives of individuals and families.

Believing that literacy skills are best developed within meaningful contexts, the Institute's initiatives have focused on the contexts of the family, workplace, and health. Within these contexts, our experienced staff assists providers with program design and delivery, customized instructional materials and assessment development, professional development (including distance learning), and program evaluations.

counsler_ed.jpgRecent work by Angela Mooney and ISAL Co-Director Dr. Esther Prins, focuses on the health literacy needs of adult education students.

The purpose of this Practitioner's Guide, developed by the Goodling Institute for Research in Family Literacy, is to inform practitioners about the current descriptions of health literacy and the relevance of this topic to adult education and family literacy practices.  The adult education and family literacy educators play a key role in teaching and enhancing health literacy in the classroom.

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