Ali Carr-Chellman

Ali Carr-Chellman's work in Learning, Design and Technology (LDT) is focused on systemic impacts of technology on public school change an includes a wide variety of research projects listed below including gaming, user-design, and gender issues.


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NEWS:  Ali was awarded the 2014 AECT Distinguished Development Award for her recent work in the area of applications of gaming and ID to classrooms as leverage points to systemically transform learning.  She will be recognized at the AECT Annual meeting in Jacksonville in November and have a session following the joint ETR&D Board meeting to present her work.  She has two other presentations with students accepted to the upcoming AECT meeting as well focused on boys, gaming and the common core.

Upcoming keynotes and presentations:

September 18, Denver Teacher Residency Fall Symposium Keynote, Denver Colorado, Change your Classroom for the Better!  Boys & Games

September 19, "Accidental Ethnography: An exploration of new methodological terrain" presentation at Colorado State University, Fort Collins

September 22, Research Findings on Boys & Gaming:  What learning occurs?, University of Wyoming, Laramie Wyoming

Ali is attending CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) and Transforming Learning in January and will be vlogging (video blogging) for eLearn Magazine while there!  Links coming soon!

 TAKE NOTE:  Ali's recent editorial in the CDT and discussion on the charter school movement in response to Mr. Hutchinson's editorial in the CDT.


 Ali Carr-Chellmann at SITE

Recent Work:

Ali's work on cybercharters featured in a recent Penn State Probing Question article:

Recent article with Robert Jordan in ASTD's T&D magazine on User-Design:

Ali Carr-Chellman with students

Ali currently serves as the Editor in Chief of eLearn Magazine a publication of the Association of Computing Machinery.

Ali shared her thoughts on cybercharters in 2011's TEDxPSU event on Sunday, Nov. 13, 2011. Talk is available online at and via Youtube. The focus is on the ways in which corporate interests in cybercharters are creating hardships for our public schools, thus the question highlighted is Do corporate cybercharters really further the public interest in public schools?

Ali appeared on WBUR Boston NPR radio station in July...listen here:

Ali was appointed to the Advisory Board of The Boys' Initiative: May 2011.

Ali was invited to join the Commission to establish a White House Council for Boys to Men, May 2011.

Ali spoke on the Brian Lehrer Show: for WNYC, New York City's NPR station. Discussion was on the uses of educational technology in schools during times of budget crises.Smaller_size_headshot.jpg

If you're looking for information on the TED talk, and connections with others interested in the TED talk, please go to the facebook page for this topic:!/pages/Ali-Carr-Chellman-Bring-Back-the-Boys-TED/195665610450138

Ali's talk from TEDxPSU on Boy Culture in Schools was bumped up to the GLOBAL TED website Jan 2011!

  • Ali is engaged in a series of research projects including Bring Back the Boys, in which we are concerned with the ways in which video gaming may be used to re-engage boys in their elementary level education in particular. Shawn Vashaw, Mike Petner, and Jason Engerman along with several other students are currently working on three related research projects in the space of how to re-engage boys in their education, why men are not going into early childhood education, and why teachers reject gaming in the classroom.Post-It Note on Whiteboard
  • There is also an ongoing longitudinal qualitative research project which focuses on the amplification of unheard voices in the school reform dialogue--such as prisoners, homeless, working poor, and migrant workers. We are now working with the migrant population and are seeking qualified researchers with strong spoken Spanish skills to further this work
  • Ali's research team is engaging in work on a Universal Design Test which they hope will help to identify the ways in which various groups (demographically differentiated) may score on a test of design capabilities. This is a relatively new project, though the team has been looking at design literature and the creation of the test itself for almost 2 years now. Emily Booth (masters completed) headed up this project, and now it's open for additional students who may want to take Emily's work further.
  • NEW: We picked up a project working with the extensive database available through Penn State's data warehouse to look at issues associated with male drop out rates at Penn State in collaboration with Division of Undergraduate Studies advisers. This is an exciting new initiative focused on secondary data analysis using statistical analyses packages. Doug Wilson is heading up this research project.
Ali is author of more than 100 articles, books, and proceeding papers.  She is a graduate of Indiana University, Bloomington with her Ph.D. in Instructional Systems Technology and did her original research on community participation in school change efforts. 

Ali's most recent text, ID For Teachers introduces the Instructional Design for Teachers or ID4T model, a trimmed back instructional design approach most appropriate for classroom teachers' use. The book will be used in INSYS 415b (available online through World Campus as a requirement for the EDTEC masters degree for teachers). The text was published by Routledge in August, 2010 and is being adopted in many teacher preparation programs nationwide. If YOU are using ID4T and have suggestions for revisions to the text, please feel free to email!


The 9 Step ID4T model: • Goals • Objectives • Learner characteristics • Test items • Texts • Activities • Media • Implementation • Revisions

LOCAL: Ali was elected President of the Board of Trustees for the Centre Learning Community (CLC) Charter School in State College.

From Ali: "If you're frustrated by the lack of change that modern technologies have brought to classrooms in all sorts of settings, I'd love to welcome you to our research team!"

Ali is best contacted by email: