Office of Multicultural Programs

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     The Office of Multicultural Programs supports students to establish healthy connections within the academic community through resource navigation, providing study space, offering multicultural programming, and student advising.

    The Office of Multicultural Programs is located in Room 123 of the Chambers Building.

    We welcome you to visit our office. 

    Our Mission

    A cohort of SCOPE students posing at the Nittany Lion Shrine




    Top 5 Reasons to be a part of the Office of Multicultural Programs

        1. Build a family

    At the Office of Multicultural Programs, you are not just a student. Stop by for some help, or to hang out. This is another home away from home.

        2. Feel connected within the school

    Not only will you get to know more about the office, but you really learn about the College of Education, Penn State, and the resources available for students.

         3. Meet new people and create amazing friendships

    Already have friends? Bring them with you!
    Not enough friends? Make some new ones!

         4. Discover new passions and strengths

    Do you think you know yourself well? We’ll challenge you to learn even more.

         5. Professional  and Educational advantages

    Network with other Undergrads, Grad students, Professors, and Professionals.

     Visit us in 123 Chambers Building

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