Generative learning activities must provide the students with an opportunity to mentally "play with" information to create a personal understanding of the subject to be learned.

Definition / Attributes: Generative Learning

How can the World Wide Web support . . . Generative Learning?
Lesson Component Reflection Questions
(Use these questions to note ideas on how to use Generative Learning for a component of your lesson.)

 Learning outcomes: (What will the students be expected to learn as a result of this lesson?)


Lesson description: (How, using Generative Learning, will the lesson facilitate the learning outcomes?)



Web resources: (What types of web resources will support the presentation strategy and learning outcomes?)




Web sites that describe, provide examples of, and demonstrate how to use the WWW with Expository Presentation.


Why does Generative Learning enhance learning?  
  • Students that "interact" with subject matter build deeper knowledge



How can I replicate Generative Learning lessons using existing Web resources?  
  • Existing Lesson Plan and activity on creating gliders and generating & sharing data 
  • Existing Lesson Plan and resources for students to start a weather tracking service
These are existing Lesson Plans available on the WWW:

How can I generate my own Generative Learning lessons using Web resources?  
  • Teacher creates lesson on how and why volcanoes erupt. A component of this lesson is to have students chart the changes that occur to a volcano during an eruption. From this chart students analyze the relationship between geologic factors and the eruption. To enhance this lesson with Web resources:
    • Review the Pinatubo eruption sequence and chart occurrences of change (based on time, type of activity, lava flow, etc.) 
    • Investigate other volcanoes around the world and note factors on the chart
    • Analyze the chart, looking for relationship between location of the volcano, size of eruption, etc. and draw conclusion on the geographic variables.
    These are examples of informational Web sites that could be used to tell students about volcanoes:  






    What are other ideas of using Web resources for Generative Learning?  
    • Using a web-based simulation: Designing an airplane, analyzing the impact of changing airplane design specifications 
    • Students presented with searchable database of NASA images can be used to test predictions about aircraft characteristics for different types of flight, high altitude, speed, etc. or to create their own databases of aircraft that exemplify different flight principles 
    • Web sites that trigger discussions on concepts about life in Antarctica, environmental impacts, living conditions, time zones, etc.
    This is an existing Web site that exemplifies Generative learning:  







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