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Objective 16 - Vocational Education Safety 339.23 and 4.31(f)

 *This objective was formerly numbered 17



16.1 Identify the goals of your safety instruction and describe how safety instruction is presented.

Mercer: CIP 12.0508, students are all Career Safe certified. Students have the opportunity to earn a ServSafe industry standard certificate.  

SUN: CIP 48.0501. Safety instruction is delivered on each piece of equipment. Student must pass test on each piece before they are allowed to use the equipment. Copies of all safety exams are kept on file in the teachers’ desk.  (See pgs. 73-101 of THIS PDF DOCUMENT for Welding safety Manual and Maintenance Plans, and pgs. 121- 166 for Welding safety quizzes and checklists)  

SUN: (17.1, 17.2) 11.0901. Instructor provided a comprehensive safety manual containing the objectives of safety instruction, general shop safety rules and specific rules pertaining to clothing and special protective equipment. Additional sections include basic hand tool safety, equipment safety, electrical safety, fire protection and hazmats. The manual also includes a student safety contract, copies of safety exams, safety committee minutes, and a shop safety checklist (audit). See pg. 102 of THIS PDF DOCUMENT  for rules sign-off sheet)

SUN: ALL CIPs. Safety instruction is evident in the curriculum and safety procedures are apparent throughout the lab. SUN CTC has a school-wide safety plan in place, documented by the publication, “the First 30 minutes… School Crisis Response Handbook for Educators.” Goals of safety instruction are outlined in a comprehensive safety manual outlining safety precautions for various pieces of equipment and proper use of personal protective equipment. Safety audit and Safety Committee meeting minutes included to indicate dedication to ongoing safety instruction and practices. (see pgs. 167-181 of THIS PDF DOCUMENT for Safety Committee meeting minutes and inspections)

SUN: CIP 51.0602. Safety instruction is evident in the curriculum and safety procedures are apparent throughout the lab.

SUN: CIP 50.0402. The inclusion of the OAC as an integrated part of the safety inspection program is a valuable tool to set industry safety standards. (see pgs. 167-181 of THIS PDF DOCUMENT for Safety Committee meeting minutes and inspections)

17.2 Indicate how safety practices have been integrated into the program.

Butler: All CIPs. Complete industry– based safety programs have been developed and implemented. CIP 12.0508 (Institutional Foods), all students are required to participate in the ServSafe instruction and resulting certification for those who pass the assessment.

ECAT: 12.0505 Welding Technology/Welder covers daily briefing on safety issues, once each week with a second year student leading the briefing discussion. Periodically a senior reorganizes the MSDS book. Required use of uniforms appropriate to this program maintains the focus on safety.

GJR: For all CIPs, students receive safety instruction during orientation before entering the CTE program. They must complete and pass safety tests before using any type fo equipment. Safety is an integral part of the curriculum, and the students received and sign forms of their understanding of general safety rules.

GJR: Each program assigns students to serve as a Safety Director. Upon interviewing one Safety Director, he explained his responsibility, including logging violations, i.e., not wearing safety glasses or safety shoes. He is also responsible for noting safety violations and issuing safety or maintenance forms. The duties of Safety Director also include instructing other students on what the safety rules are and why the rules exist.

Franklin: All CIPs: the sign-off sheets that are utilized to maintain records of training for specific tools and equipment are worthy of replication at other schools. (See pgs. 59-68 of THIS PDF DOCUMENT for Electronics safety docuements)

Mercer: CIP 12.0401, Excellent safety handbook that documents safety precautions for each unit. CIP 47.0605, 47.0604. 11.0901, 19.0799, 46.0401, 51.9999 use Career Safe Program to provide basic safety instruction in all programs.

SUN: CIP 12.0505 Institutional Food Worker. Instructor has written his own Food Services Safety Handbook.

17.3 Provide evidence that class enrollment shall be safe relative to classroom or laboratory size and number of workstations.

Mercer: CIP 19.0799, The OAC conducted the safety inspection finding no safety issues needing to be addressed. 

SUN: CIP 48.0501. Due to the shop area being very crowded, class size has been limited to a maximum of 18 students.

SUN: CIP 51.0601. the Dental Program has adequate space in the program area, and with the additional work area provided by the adjacent dental practice, students have excellent workstation availability.