Education Majors: Experience Teaching in the City
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Education Majors: Experience Teaching in the City

Education undergrads: Check out this two-week, 3-credit course in the schools of urban Philadelphia.

by Joe Savrock (February 2012)

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – Penn State education majors are encouraged to register for a two-week, 3-credit immersion course in the classrooms of urban Philadelphia schools.

The course, CI 295D: The Philadelphia Urban Seminar, offers its participants a unique immersion experience and exposure to diversity in Philadelphia’s public school system. The course runs from May 21 to June 2.

Penn State students will join hundreds of other students from universities throughout Pennsylvania, working directly with children and teachers in urban public school classrooms. Placements are available in pre-kindergarten through secondary education, as well as in special education.

Students will attend lectures and workshops presented by leading urban educators and researchers. They will participate in community service work, attend cultural events, and engage with readings on urban teaching and social justice.

Participants will spend their weekdays working with children and teachers in the classrooms. In the evenings, they will attend cultural events and learning forums in the city. During the weekend, they will take part in organized community service and social activities.

Professor-in-charge of the course is Jeanine M. Staples, assistant professor of language and literacy education.

To preregister, download and complete the course brochure.

Please submit the completed form to Staples in 260 Chambers Building, or e-mail the form to

All registrants must have obtained security clearances. Please review the required clearances online.


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