Restorative Justice Initiative

Restorative Justice Initiative


The Restorative Justice Initiative is a group of Penn State students, faculty, staff, and community stakeholders committed to empowering and supporting system-impacted, currently and formerly incarcerated individuals through education and meaningful civic engagement. It believes in the power of trauma-informed practice, liberatory pedagogy, and transformative education and is dedicated to leveraging Penn State’s size, scope, reach, and resources to help make education accessible to all sectors of society. Through education, collaboration, and community engagement RJI works to remove structural barriers to education and reentry while preserving the human dignity of those impacted by the carceral state.

History and Impact

Penn State’s RJI program was founded in 2015. Since its creation, RJI’s interdisciplinary team has worked to create quality curricula and instruction in correctional facilities....

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Prison Education Program

Check out the Facilities and Classes through the Restorative Justice Initiative...

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Rising Scholars

This is Rising Scholars first year as a college pathway program for formerly incarcerated Pennsylvanians...

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Meet The Team

Meet the Team that makes it all happen!

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RJI Advisory Board

A group of faculty and staff who use expertise in their respective fields to advise and support the Restorative Justice Initiative.

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In the News

Check out the Restorative Justice Initiative in the news!

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Justice Education Month

Justice Education Month is an event that runs throughout the month of April.

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Irvin's Blog

Come Read What Irvin Has To Say Today...

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RJI Blog

Come hear more about RJI, programs, and community partners.

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