University/College Funded Opportunities

The following opportunities are for University Park College of Education students.

Graduate Student Conference Travel


  • Applicants must be Graduate Students.
  • Applicants must be presenting research at a professional venue appropriate for their program.
  • Eligible activities include paper presentation, poster session, and invited roundtable/panel discussant.

Application - Students who meet the eligibility requirements may submit an application to attend ONE meeting/conference.

PROCESS:  Students are expected to send their completed application to their advisor to begin the review process.  A pdf of your completed form will be sent to you via email which can be forwarded to your faculty advisor.

APPLICATION TIME FRAME: Applications are accepted at the beginning of the fall semester and until May 15, or the end of the Spring Semester for conferences held prior to June 15.   Conferences that end after June 15 cannot be funded in the current fiscal year due to funding availability and year-end closeout. Conferences held past the deadline can be submitted at the beginning of the next semester. 

BEFORE BOOKING TRAVEL:   Contact your department's financial assistant to make sure you are following PSU policy, to learn the reimbursement process, and the required materials needed for them to process your reimbursement.

All expenses for conferences attended must be submitted for reimbursement within 7 days of attendance. 

Graduate Student Conference Travel - Online Application


Summer Tuition Assistance Program

The Summer Tuition Assistance Program is open to Graduate Students who have held either an assistantship or fellowship during BOTH the Fall and Spring Semesters of the current academic year.  An Advisor Approval Form MUST  be completed and signed by your advisor and then submitted to your program’s staff assistant prior to completing the online application form.


Externally Funded Opportunities