What is Education Policy Studies?

“Education Policy Studies” is a phrase that refers to a broad range of academic interests and explorations into systems of schooling. The minor is most closely related to our major in Education and Public Policy (B.S.), a multidisciplinary program that critically evaluates how society fosters equity and excellence through education. Courses explore the deep cultural meanings of concepts such as democracy and citizenship, and our faculty encourage active problem-solving skills by using real world examples of government-initiated policies and programs. Through readings, case studies and conversations with your peers, you will uncover the practical effects that policies have on students, teachers, school leaders, families, and the community as a whole. You will also have the opportunity to identify education policies and practices that matter to you and consider various strategies that could be effective in solving emerging problems.

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About the EPS Minor

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EPS Minor Requirements

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  • You are majoring in a related field, such as sociology, political science, philosophy, or history.
  • You are majoring in an unrelated field but are interested in learning how the educational system works and why school reform can be so challenging.
  • You want to demonstrate to potential employers that you have considered the practical implications of your major.
  • You want to make a difference in the world, but becoming a teacher does not appeal to you.