This is a key imperative for our College and our students. Access and affordability are challenges that can be significantly impacted by philanthropy at any level from endowed scholarships to unrestricted gifts. We also are seeking investment in a new Center for Ensuring Student Success in Higher Education and the existing Center for Education and Civil Rights.

We are pioneering digital innovation through capital projects like the Krause Learning Space and new programs such as the Learning Sciences Initiative, to focus on design and applications of technology to teaching and learning. As we invest in a global future, we will raise support to help cover travel costs of College of Education students seeking study abroad opportunities, including the student teaching abroad program.

We will renovate the science education wing of Chambers building to better prepare the next generation of science teachers. Support for the existing CEDAR Clinic and a new Student Mental Health Center will strengthen both research and practice for learners of all ages. The College also is deeply committed to the strategic utilization of all human talent and will thereby contribute to the expansion of economic development for Pennsylvania and beyond.

Each of these imperatives is an opportunity for our alumni and friends to contribute to our students’ success.


A Greater Penn State for 21st Century Excellence has three broad fundraising imperatives that align with the strategic plan of the University. We have titled these imperatives "Open Doors," "Create Transformative Experiences," and "Impact the World."

Addressing access to – and the affordability of – a Penn State education continues to be a top priority, and the University has designed this campaign with that focus in mind. Here's what those imperatives mean for us in the College of Education: