Rural Resources

Rural Institutions and Organizations

Resources at Penn State

Academic Units
Agricultural Economics, Sociology and Education
College of Education

Centers, Institutes, & Councils
Center for Economic and Community Development
Centers & Institutions, and Councils Penn State College of Education
Research Centers -- Department of Agricultural Economics, Sociology, and Education
Penn State Social Science Research Institute
Pennsylvania Office of Rural Health
Pennsylvania School Study Council

Resources for Pennsylvania

Center for Rural Pennsylvania
Keystone Research Center
Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture
Pennsylvania Association of Rural and Small Schools
Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators
Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development
Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
Pennsylvania School Boards Association
Education Law Center
The Center for Rural Pennsylvania

Regional and National Resources

Academic Associations, Initiatives, & Professional Associations
American Council on Rural Special Education
Appalachian Collaborative Center for Learning, Assessment, and Instruction in Mathematics (ACCLAIM)
Center for the Study of Small / Rural Schools
Community and Rural Development Institute (CaRDI)
Journal of Research in Rural Education
National Center for Rural Early Childhood Learning Initiatives
National Center on Rural Education Support
National Rural Education Association
Rural Sociological Society

Consortiums, Non-Profit Groups & Other Organizations
The 80-55 Coalition for Rural America
Advocates for Community and Rural Education
Appalachian Technology in Education Consortium (ATEC)
Association of Educational Service Agencies
Center for Rural Affairs
Center for Research on Rural Education

Housing Assistance Council
Institute for Educational Leadership
Island Institute

Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning -- Rural Education Resources
Mr. Rural Ed: A Progressive View of Rural Education
National Farmers Union
Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory
Organizations Concerned About Rural Education
Pulling Together: R&D Resources for Rural Schools
Regional Educational Laboratories Appalachia (REL)

Rural Policy Research Institute
Rural School-Community Partnership Research Consortium

The Rural School and Community Trust
Rural Schools Association of New York State
Rural Assistance Center

Governmental / Public Sector Organizations
Center on Rural Education, U.S. Dept. of Education
NCES: Navigating Resources for Rural Schools
Regional Educational Lab - Mid-Atlantic Region
U.S. Census
USDA Economic Research Service Briefing Room - Rural Labor and Education

Indian Education
American Indian Education Foundation
American Indian Higher Education Consortium
Center for Indian Education
Journal of American Indian Education
National Indian Education Association
Office of Indian Education Programs (B.I.A.)
Office of Indian Education (U.S. Dept. of Ed.)

Professional Associations
American Association of School Administrators -- Rural Education Issues
National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE)
National Rural Education Association