What is Teaching the Educator (TTE) NurseAide Instructor Course?

The Nurse Aide TTE Online Course serves to facilitate the process of transitioning professional nurses from the role of practitioner into the role of instructor of nurse aide training.

By developing knowledge and practice involving curriculum development, content requirement, and teaching an evaluative methodology, you, as a professional nurse, should leave the workshop prepared to successfully teach Nurse Aide training.

TTE is a collaborative endeavor between The Center for Professional Personnel Development at The Pennsylvania State University and the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

A "Certificate of Completion" is issued to those who successfully complete the workshop in its entirety and meet CMS qualifications. The names and license numbers of those who complete the workshop will be sent to the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Registration for Teaching The Educator is Open.



2024 TTE Online Course Session Schedule
Course BeginCourse EndDeadlineRegistration
Jan 2, 2024Jan 30, 2024Until course seats are fullCLOSED
Mar 1, 2024Mar 31, 2024Until course seats are fullCLOSED
Apr 1, 2024Apr 30, 2024Until course seats are fullCLOSED
May 1, 2024May 31, 2024Until course seats are fullCLOSED
Jun 1, 2024Jun 30, 2024Until course seats are fullCLOSED
Jul 1, 2024Jul 30, 2024Until course seats are fullCLOSED
Aug 1, 2024Aug 31, 2024Until course seats are fullRegister Now
Sep 1, 2024Sep 30, 2024Until course seats are fullRegister Now
Oct 1, 2024Oct 31, 2024Until course seats are fullRegister Now
Nov 1, 2024Nov 30, 2024Until course seats are fullRegister Now






In order to become a Program Coordinator or Instructor you must meet the qualifications listed below for that specific role AND complete the "Nurse Aide Training: Teaching the Educator" Program approved by the State.

Registration for individuals not affiliated with a nursing home or current NATCEP will be permitted to register for the course only if their request has been approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) and the course is not filled 2 weeks from the registration deadline.

Federal regulation requires a nursing facility to hire individuals who are on the nurse aide registry or who complete a nurse aide program and become enrolled on the registry within 120 days of hire; therefore, priority will be given to instructors who are employed by a long-term care nursing facility or state approved program.


Program Coordinator

  • This person does not have to be a nurse.

  • Responsible for the administration and coordination of the nurse aide training program activities

Instructor who must, according to State and Federal regulations:

  • Be a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse with two years of nursing experience as an RN/LPN.

  • Have at least one year in the provision of long-term care service as an RN. This includes meeting resident's psychosocial, behavioral, cognitive and physical needs through direct care, supervision or education. Long-term care experience must include a minimum of 200 hours over the course of one full year.

  • Possess a current and unrestricted RN/LPN license in Pennsylvania.


If you do not meet the qualifications listed above for the specific role you will be in, you may not attend.

In certain circumstances, provided you have the required verifiable teaching competency, you could be exempt from completing the Online portion of the course. Click More Details to learn about the circumstances and to request approval.



Certification is good indefinitely, meaning it does not expire.

Once you have completed the TTE Nurse Aide Instructor Course and have obtained your certificate of completion, you will need to complete a Report of Change Form and submit it to PDE to be approved as an instructor or coordinator before you begin to organize your nurse aide course or teach your nurse aide students. You may find the Report of Change Form here.


If you've lost your certificate or if your name has changed on your license, you may request a replacement. Please note, the replacement certificate may be associated with a replacement fee. Please contact Maria Border at [email protected] and include the following information: your current professional license number and the date you took the workshop.


If you have questions, contact Maria Border at [email protected].



With a focus on the characteristics of adult learners, teaching methodologies, course design, and evaluation tools, this course prepares individuals to successfully teach and administer Nurse Aide Courses in accordance with Pennsylvania State regulations and Federal specifications.


Once the course for a specific session is open, the course is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Participants will be sent instructions on how to log in a few weeks prior to the course start date. However, the course will not open until the first day listed on the Dates, Times and Locations page. Should anyone have any technical issues with the course or logging in after it is open, please contact the Penn State Canvas Support Desk at: [email protected]


The course will take place over the entire month, but, it may not take participants that long to complete. it is important to note that while participants are free to complete the course as their schedules permit, there are weekly assignments due on the last day of each week. In addition, the instructor must review and approve all submitted work before the course is complete.


The Course is divided into weekly sections. Each section has suggested assignment due dates. Each assignment will be reviewed according to a rubric. Participants may be asked to resubmit work should the instructor feel this work does not meet expectations outlined in the rubric. Failure to submit acceptable work and within the required time period could result in course failure. You will not receive certification until the entire course is completed.

Week 1/ Module 1

  • Introduction to teaching
  • Qualities of great teachers
  • Characteristics of learners
  • Curriculum, lesson plans, course syllabus, program objectives

Week 2/ Module 2

  • Choosing course materials
  • Teaching strategies
  • Demonstration and Clinical Techniques
  • Writing lesson plans

Week 3/ Module 3

  • Intro to testing and evaluation
  • Writing test questions
  • Nurse Aide Competency Exam
  • Clinical rating sheets/documentation
  • Nurse Aide course evaluations
  • PDE recorded sessions


Online Course

The online course has no set hours. Sign in, view, and complete assignments as your schedule allows.
You will be provided with information on how to log into the online course in an email following your successful registration and payment for the course.

Please see the schedule below for when your online course begins. You will not be able to access the online course until the first day of the session. THE ENTIRE COURSE IS ONLINE. THERE ARE NO FACE-TO- FACE MEETINGS REQUIRED.

Jan 1, 2023 Jan 30, 2023   ONLINE
Mar 1, 2023 Mar 31, 2023   ONLINE
Apr 1, 2023 Apr 30, 2023   ONLINE
May 1, 2023 May 31, 2023   ONLINE
Jun 1, 2023 Jun 30, 2023   ONLINE
Jul 1, 2023 Jul 30, 2023   ONLINE
Sep 1, 2023 Sep 30, 2023   ONLINE
Oct 1, 2023 Oct 31, 2023   ONLINE
Nov 1, 2023 Nov 30, 2023   ONLINE


Before you register, please read the Qualifications.
When you are ready to register, click on REGISTER NOW link in the table above for the desired dates.


Registration for Teaching The Educator is Open.

All registrations must be completed online. Please review the QUALIFICATIONS section to determine if you are qualified to attend the workshop. After reviewing, please click on REGISTER NOW and complete the online web form. Once you submit the form you will automatically be taken to the credit card payment screen. Your registration is not complete until payment is received. We require 20 participants to hold a session. The maximum capacity is 30. *Please note that any session may be closed earlier than the posted deadline if the quota has been reached. 

Each individual participant must enter their information correctly in order to be successfully enrolled and receive communications regarding the workshop. We appreciate your assistance in maintaining accurate records.

Required Binder

The Penn State TTE 2024 Workshop Binder must be ordered from FedEx. Please see the ordering information below.


Please call FedEx to order your Penn State TTE 2024 Workshop Binder. 

FedEx Ordering Phone Number: 814-238-2679.


The cost is approximately $104.28 plus shipping and tax (approximately $15-$20). Binders will be sent to you within 3-5 business days. If you have issues with your order, please call FedEx.

*Please note that FedEx will not refund the cost of the materials should the workshop be cancelled or you choose not to attend. In addition, the content is frequently updated.

2023 Course Access Next Steps and InstructionsPlease follow the attached instructions to order a Penn State TTE 2023 Workshop Binder and create an account in Canvas.


NATCEP:  Nurse Aide Training Competency Evaluation Program 


Instructors Corner 


PA Nurse Aide Instructor Resources 

This is the most current update to the TTE Binder (PDE Portion Only). The site is intended for past participants who completed the workshop some time in the past who may need to stay current with updates. You will find the Recommended Nurse Aide Curriculum on this site 


PA Dept. of Health/Long Term Care & Nursing Homes
The goal of Pennsylvania’s Long Term Care Grant program is to facilitate the use of federally imposed Civil Money Penalty funds for activities that support, protect and benefit residents living in nursing facilities.

Credentia: PA Nurse Aide Testing Information 

Pennsylvania Nurse Aide Candidate Handbook

PA Nurse Aide Instructor Employment Opportunity Postings 


Helpful Videos: Teaching Strategies 

Using Interactive Technology to Teach Concepts

NATCEP Updates: Clinical Instruction 

Virtual NATCEP Course Tutorial


Strategies: Educational Excellence for Health Care Providers Conference


This annual conference provides networking opportunities and instruction on innovative teaching techniques for secondary/postsecondary education of health occupations and long-term care educators. Be sure to register for this annual conference to receive valuable updates that relate to nurse aide training as well as nursing practice within the state of Pennsylvania.

Payment Information

The cost to attend the standard Online Course is $165.00. The required course binder is ordered separately for an additional fee. See MATERIALS for more details. If you have the proper qualifications and have been pre-approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, you can take the course to become a Program Coordinator. The cost for this is $115.00 and requires pre-approval. *See the QUALIFICATIONS section for more information. 

Credit Card payment is strongly encouraged and must be made online. We cannot accept credit card payments over the phone. We accept both Visa and Mastercard. If a facility is making a payment for you, we will accept checks, however, registration is processed on a first-paid basis. 

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be made before the first day of the course


Refunds: Refunds will not be made after the first day of the course. The only exception is when Penn State cancels the course session. Course sessions can be canceled for a variety of reasons which may include: low enrollment or scheduling issues. 


Forfeits: If you cancel or fail to attend or complete a portion of the course after the deadline, you are not eligible for a refund.