For information on program requirements and how to apply, candidates interested in Level I certificates issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Education should contact the Advising and Certification Center at 814-865-0488 or email [email protected]


Post-baccalaureate certification applications are not reviewed until all materials have been verified. It is the applicant's responsibility to see that all application materials are submitted. A complete application for admission to a teacher certification program includes the following materials:

    1. PSU Graduate School Application for Admission.

    2. Two official transcripts of all prior college or university studies.

    3. Completed curriculum checksheet outlining remaining course requirements.


    Applicants may wish to follow-up their transcript requests to see that they have been sent and received. Delays in processing admission applications often result from non-receipt of transcripts.

    An application is reviewed by the faculty of the appropriate option area. However, an application is not reviewed until ALL application materials listed in the preceding section have been received. Action on an application for the certification programs usually is taken within 30 days after all materials are received.

    If an applicant has not received an acknowledgement letter within 30 days of sending an application, contact the Advising and Certification Center.

    When the application review process is completed, the prospective student is notified of one of the following decisions by the Certification Office:

    1. Acceptance.
    2. Acceptance with conditions or provisions.
    3. Delay in decision until additional information is provided by the applicant (perhaps by interview or other means).
    4. Rejection.



    Information on University Housing may be obtained by phoning 814-863-5700 and financial aid by phoning 814-865-2514.