About our affiliate faculty

Clemente Abrokwaa  Dr. Clemente Abrokwaa

  Associate Teaching Professor of African Studies

Leila M. Bradaschia  Dr. Leila M. Bradaschia

  Director of International Programs
  Affiliate Assistant Professor of Education (Educational Theory and Policy)

Craig A. Campbell  Dr. Craig A. Campbell

  Assistant Teaching Professor of Education (Lifelong Learning and Adult Education)

Liza M. Conyers  Dr. Liza M. Conyers

  Professor of Education (Rehabilitation and Human Services)

Karly Ford  Dr. Karly Ford

  Assistant Professor of Education (Higher Education)

Dr. Dennis Jett  Dr. Dennis Jett

  Professor of International Affairs

 James E. Johnson  Dr. James E. Johnson

  Professor of Education (Early Childhood Education)

Sinfree Makoni  Dr. Sinfree Makoni

  Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics and African Studies 

Dana L. Mitra  Dr. Dana L. Mitra

  Professor of Education (Educational Theory & Policy)

Marsha Modeste  Dr. Marsha Modeste

  Assistant Professor of Education (Educational Leadership)

Ed Rajotte  Dr. Ed Rajotte

  Professor of Entomology and IPM Coordinator

William J. Rothwell  Dr. William J. Rothwell

  Professor of Education (Workforce Education and Development)

Maryellen Schaub  Dr. Maryellen Schaub

  Associate Professor of Education (Educational Theory & Policy)
  Professor-in-Charge, Education and Public Policy

Yael Warshel  Dr. Yael Warshel

  Assistant Professor of Telecommunications