Welcome to Education and Public Policy

We offer an interdisciplinary major for students interested in the design, implementation, and improvement of policy aimed at the betterment of a diverse and democratic society.

Through the investigation of current policy challenges, EPP students develop skills in research and analysis. The major blends core courses in educational policy with foundations courses in sociology, political science, economics, business, and research methods. Elective courses within the major include policy problems, public systems, leadership, ethics, diversity, equality, and equity. In addition to academic studies, the EPP major includes a semester of field experience culminating in a real-world, meaningful research project.

Graduates of the EPP program are ready to enter professional careers in the U.S. or around the world in educational organizations, government, community development, public service, and non-profits. They also enter a variety of graduate programs, including educational policy, public policy, public administration, sociology, and law.

Students interested in politics and government, social reform and organizing, higher education, educational technology, museums, and other non-traditional learning spaces, and equity can find meaningful pathways in EPP.

What is Education and Public Policy?
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