Prospective Graduate Students

Earn an Advanced Degree in Education From One of the Nation’s Best Programs

At Penn State’s College of Education, our mission is to help you prepare to be an outstanding educator, scholar, or researcher through a number of exciting and flexible resident graduate programs and online graduate and certificate programs through Penn State’s World Campus.

Accredited since 1965, our programs have developed a stellar reputation: All 10 Penn State College of Education graduate programs that fall into categories ranked by U.S. News & World Report are currently ranked in the Top 15, with four of those programs in the Top 10. And overall, the college is ranked 36th in the nation among 255 best graduate education schools — marking the second year in a row that the college has moved up in the rankings.

Our advanced degree programs are part of Penn State’s Graduate School, one of the largest graduate school programs in the nation. We are committed to ensuring that all individuals — regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, religious creed, or other personal characteristics — are afforded the opportunity to achieve their full potential as scholars and professionals.

The goal of the College of Education is to help shape the next generation of leaders in education. Explore how partnering with the College of Education to advance your education can help change the world.

How to Apply

If you are interested in expanding your education through the many graduate programs available through the College, you can start the application process right away.

To ensure that your application is processed quickly and properly, please follow our graduate school application process, which has two parts:.

  1. Apply to the Penn State Graduate School.
  2. In addition, you need to submit certain materials to your program, such as official transcripts, letters of recommendation, goal statement for pursuing the degree, your curriculum vitae, test scores, and writing samples.

Financing Your Education

You have the opportunity to apply for financial aid to help finance your education.

Many of our graduate programs have graduate assistantships available to students. A number of College of Education scholarships also are available to graduate students.

 You can visit Penn State’s Student Aid website to read further about the different types of aid that may be available to you.


Informational Events 

The College of Education provides both in-person and online information sessions for students interested in graduate education. Click here for a full listing of upcoming events.


Research Opportunities

Discover diverse and cutting-edge research initiatives that will expand the body of knowledge in your chosen field.


Education and Social Equity

The Office of Education and Social Equity is focused on providing historically underserved/minoritized students the support, opportunities and resources that enhance their educational experience and facilitate their academic well-being.  For many students, OESE is not only a place to access and navigate resources but is a home away from home.  Simultaneously, our office will continue to work in the development and implementation of partnerships and collaborations in support of research and practices for the advancement of education justice, equity, and inclusion in all its forms.

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