Purpose: To recognize retiring employees for service to the College and to the University.

Recognition programs for retiring College of Education faculty and staff will follow the guidelines below. Employees are eligible for a single retirement recognition event when they have officially announced their retirement, reached their sixtieth birthday and have at least fifteen years of continuous regular full-time employment or have twenty-five years of regular full-time University employment (see HR 54).

  1. Retirement recognition events will take the form of an open reception that will be coordinated by the Assistant Director of Alumni Relations.
  2. Up to a total of $200, which must be from general funds, may be used to provide support for each reception. For individuals who have served the College’s administration (members of the dean’s staff and department heads), the reception will be funded by the Office of Alumni Relations. Receptions for all other retirees will be funded by their current department or unit.
  3. A non-cash College level award valued at under $100 will be presented to all faculty and staff. The award will be chosen by the Dean in consultation with the Assistant Director of Alumni Relations.
  4. A separate non-cash award valued at under $100 may also be presented to the retiree from his/her department or unit. General funds must be used for this award.

July 1, 2001
May 13, 2003 (Revised)
April 27, 2005 (Revised)
October 13, 2006 (Revised)