Following is a listing of the task forces created to facilitate our return to campus in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Leadership: Jerry Henry, Julian Morales
  • Committee members: Carol Fantasky, Kasey Hearn, Megan Houser, Sue TIghe, Jeanette Tressler, Brandy Wood
  • Charge: Work on implementing University guidelines and policies for a safe return to work.
  • Leadership: Greg Kelly and Gwen Lloyd
  • Committee members: Katerina Bodovski, Leigh Ann Haefner, Jana Hitchcock, Joshua Kirby, Andrea McCloskey, Matthew McCrudden, Kathleen McKinnon, Chris Millet, Deirdre O'Sullivan, Matthew Poehner, Priya Sharma, Elizabeth Smolcic, Mark Threeton
  • Charge: Create plans to maximize the learning experience of students returning to campus in Fall 2020 and beyond.
  • Video: PSU Instructional Task Force Video from Studio Hayes on Vimeo.
  • Leadership: Rayne Sperling
  • Committee members: James Diperna, Leigh Ann Haefner, Richard Hazler, Jayne Leh, Ann Martinelli, Alicia McDyre, Kate McKinnon, Deirdre O'Sullivan, Teresa Sekhon, Ashley Shank, Tiffany Squires, Mark Threeton
  • Charge: Develop plans and processes for how the College will work collaboratively with districts and community partnerships to place students in field experiences and other educational experiential opportunities.  Please contact Rayne if you are interested in joining this task force.
  • Leadership: Maria Schmidt, Steve Wilson
  • Committee members: Janel Fitzgerald, Greg Mason, Jenn Moore, Sarah Moryken, Stefanie Tomlinson, Wanda Wasilko, Lori Witherite-Zellers
  • Charge: Monitor compliance with federal, state and University prevention and safety guidelines/requirements by establishing approval process for all public and social events hosted, coordinated and/or sponsored by the College community.